Git instead of Subversion?

We are currently looking into Git as an alternative to Subversion. Interested in coming along?

A very nice, although fast-paced, introduction to git is

This is about git on Windows, from the same guy:

Now, practical stuff. As long as everything is still in Subversion for us, using git's built-in Subversion bridging is cool. Just read this to get started:

I did that for PHPCR and TYPO3CR last week to be able to branch for some experimental stuff I'm doing, and that works beautifully. Creating a branch, committing to that branch, switching back to master, changing something there, committing that to Subversion. All worked well.

Most impressive is the speed with which all that happens (aside from the svn commit). Looking at the history? Diff? All lighting fast.

Granted for the Mac there is GitX, a nice frontend. But git comes with built-in GUI tools as well, git gui and gitk. TextMate has very complete Git bundle, and there is EGit for Eclipse (still rough). And TortoiseGit.

That might be helpful. I hope. :)


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    I love git. Would not want to do without it ever again. Best part is, that you can commit anytime you want and upload your commits to a centralized repository in a batch. GitX is nice to get a quick overview and to quickly stage changes that happened in the same file, but belong to separate commits. You will probably stil use the command line alot :D

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