No longer a freelancer, still enjoying freedom

Starting this month I am no longer a lone cowboy roaming the wide plains of the freelancing software developer market. Instead I am now having a "proper job" (as some would call it) at TechDivision GmbH, together with my long time friend and colleague Robert Lemke.

Essentially I am still doing the same stuff as before: working on and with TYPO3 Flow and Neos. For me, the major change is that now someone else does all the hard work of finding customers and getting them to pay for cool projects. :)

Some people out there might have questions about this. Off the top of my head, I can think of three:

Does this mean Flow and Neos are left out in the cold?

No. I will be working on Flow and Neos projects at TechDivision, so the last thing the company will do is hinder further development of those technologies On top of the customer projects I will be working on (which advance Flow and Neos implicitly), we agreed on time I can spend on those projects the way I think it makes sense.

Is your knowledge now locked in at TechDivision?

No. I will still blog, write documentation and try to be helpful on IRC. And just like before, it will be possible to book me for development, consulting and workshops. It's just that the invoice will bear a different logo.

Didn't you work for the TYPO3 Association? What happened to that?

Yes, the TYPO3 Association paid for my work on Flow and Neos in the last years. That was awesome, and the development efforts that went into those products would have been impossible without that support. Thanks to all members of the TYPO3 Association!

But it has been the goal for some time to reduce that funding, for various reasons, and replace it with something else. Although it has been a bumpy ride this year, we can now assume this mission as accomplished.

More details?

If you want to read the Pulitzer price variant of this blog post, head over to read what Robert wrote about this change–it covers the history behind all that and has a lot more background information.


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    Congratulations - and thank you for all your dedicated work for the TYPO3 community

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    hi karsten, congrats! good decision - good way to go!

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    Congrats and good luck with your new challenge. Keep on rocking Flow and Neos all over the world.

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    You did a great job so far and we at the teilchen office are sure you will keep doing so! Congratulations and good luck with the new subsidiary!

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