Pre-Christmas Roof Window Rally [Updated]

I have nothing to complain about: I have a beautiful wife, three cool kids, I like my job and live in a nice house we bought last year. Still, with the winter coming and no winter tires yet, the front door being in need of repair and having three hungry kids, money can be a little short.

Update: Nothing came out of this, not really surprising. Anyway, we bought two more windows by now. :)

Add the fact that the twin boys still have to share a room and we want to convert the attic to create more rooms so they can have one each - and suddenly the shortage becomes apparent. Obviously kids should have rooms with a lot of daylight thus we need windows. Quality windows have their price, and we need eight of them. Go figure[1]. So this is where you come into play (hopefully and only if you like!).

Whether you like my past, present and future work on TYPO3 Phoenix and FLOW3, simply feel like sharing a few bucks before christmas, want to foster my kids' independence or think he's daring to come up with this, but, why not!?, feel free to use the form below to help us remodel the attic! We need roughly 2700 Euros to buy the following Velux GGL3059 windows with the matching EDZ0000 flashings:

  • 1 F08 (66x140 cm), 380 Euro
  • 2 M06 (78x118 cm), 760 Euro
  • 4 M08 (78x140 cm), 1620 Euro

Help us out via After clicking submit a page on with further instructions will be opened. If you still like PayPal, you can also use it to send your donation to:

Here is a picture of our "test run" where I installed the first window already (did I mention we will do all the work ourselves, from windows and insulation to heating and electricity?).

If you like to be mentioned in a list of sponsors, just let me know, I'll summarize this first venture into amateurish fundraising after christmas...

[1] I know I am complaining on a very high level, so let's make a deal: ten percent of whatever sum comes in until christmas will be donated for a charitable cause. Ok?

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