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Attendees relax after Inspiring Conference 2014

Attendees relax after Inspiring Conference 2014

In September 2013 I started working for TechDivision, after having had my own business for almost 13 years. Now, February 2015, that stretch of my career is over. It has been an intense time, full of interesting work, cool projects, friendly people and only very few setbacks.

Let's start with the setbacks. Working in the new office was nice, we put up a mixture of cozy and productive–even having proper coffee after some draught the first few weeks. But having to hand in forms for approval of holidays or wondering about the best ticket to book your time on were pieces of red tape I hadn't had for quite a while…

Phew, done with that. Now on to the friendly people. I have not gotten to know everyone at the company (more than 60 by now), but those I met have been smart, friendly and open. Also the clients I dealt with were really nice. Even in stressful times with long days it was really funny to work with people like Matt or Laura. There was never a customer support chat with more mind-boggling humor… and animated gifs!

For those customers (and partly for everyone else) I also worked on some really interesting projects. It started with a time-travel project back into pi_base extension programming which made me realize how awesome Flow and Neos really are. Next up was the relaunch of Centurion Magazine and Departures International, the first projects actually going live with the 1.0 release of Neos. That was followed by Anita, the first multi-language website ever launched with Neos. Towards the end of the year we started to work on a project in the travel industry together with sitegeist in Hamburg. Sprinkle in some proof-of-concept here and some in-house support for the developers at TechDivision, and you have a year that is already quite full.

But it didn't stop there. TechDivision is fully committed to supporting Neos, and thus allowed me (and Robert) to work on Neos and Flow, doing code reviews, developing features, going to events, for hundreds of hours. Hard to beat that level of support…

Thank you!

PS: If you live near Munich or Rosenheim area and are looking for a job, you should check out the job offers at TechDivision.

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