Unit testing FLOW3 with NetBeans

FLOW3 comes with a lot of unit tests, but to run those is only possible with the FLOW3 test runners from the Testing package. This has various reasons:

  • The code under test uses some constants defined by FLOW3 during it's bootstrap. Those are not defined when the tests are run standalone.
  • The code under test as well as the tests themselves rely on a working autoloader, which is not the case for plain PHPUnit runs.
  • Some of the tests do not properly mock their subject's dependencies and thus need the FLOW3 instance provided by out test runners to work. This is clearly a bug in the tests :)

Now that I am using NetBeans I was longing to use it's PHPUnit integration and did a little timebox work on the topic. The result is that one can now run the FLOW3 unit tests in NetBeans with a little preparation...

  1. Make sure to upgrade the Testing package to it's latest version (so it has the Bootstrap.php file).
  2. Edit your NetBeans project configuration to instruct it to use mentioned Bootstrap.php as, well, bootstrap for PHPUnit.
  3. Now comes the tricky part (due to the way NetBeans thinks tests should be organized):
    1. Create a folder (basically somewhere, I put it into my project root) that will contain all tests from NetBeans point of view.
    2. In that folder create symlinks to all Unit folders of the individual packages. One way to do this is a little shell script:
      for i in `ls ../Packages/Framework/` ;
      do ln -s ../Packages/Framework/$i/Tests/Unit $i ;
    3. Configure that folder as the tests folder for your NetBeans project.

If all is well you can now test a class file with Cmd-F6, run a test file with Shift-F6, switch between test and class file using Cmd-Shift-T and adore all the glory of pretty test results:

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