My ex-MacBook Pro and my ex-phone
  1. No longer a freelancer, still enjoying freedom

    Starting this month I am no longer a lone cowboy roaming the wide plains of the freelancing software developer market. Instead I am now having a "proper job" (as some would call it) at TechDivision GmbH, together with my long time friend and colleague Robert Lemke. Read more

  2. Installing Packages for Flow

    This morning I read about a frustrated Flow user that did not manage to install the FormBuilder package. While my first reaction was somewhat tongue-in-cheekĀ (sorry!), it can indeed be confusing to install packages if you do not know enough about TYPO3 Flow and Composer. Read more

  3. To Queue or to Jobqueue in TYPO3 Flow

    I am right now upgrading the FLOW3 based setup (to be) used for rendering TYPO3 documentation to run on Flow. This obviously includes replacing the git submodules with composer dependency handling, and during that I (again) came across the confusing situation when it comes to the job queue packages available for Flow. This post will hopefully resolve that confusion as far as possible. Read more

  4. A look back on T3CON North America 2013

    A while ago I wrote about how much I was looking forward to this years T3CON in San Francisco, and as I am writing this it is almost over already. It has been awesome in ways I expected and still had some surprises up the sleeves.

    Before the actual conference started, a meeting at the ... Read more

  5. Improving Plumber for TYPO3 Flow

    Profiling applications based on TYPO3 Flow can become quite complex. With the framework doing a lot of the heavy lifting it can be hard to see where bottlenecks are and how your application and configuration influence performance. Read more

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